Sf6 gas insulated switchgear

Gas insulated switchgear

Scope of application :

It is suitable for 10kV/6kV transmission and distribution system of the State Grid.
product details
  The SF6 metal fully enclosed and fully insulated inflatable switchgear independently developed and produced by our company has passed the type test of the National High Voltage Electrical Apparatus Test Center.The products are widely used in 10kV/6kV power transmission and distribution systems of the State Grid,and are the choice products for various types of users in urban and rural areas.
  The switch cabinet is in a modular unit mode and can be combined according to different purposes,and can be composed of modules of a load switch unit,a load switch fuse combined electrical appliance unit,a vacuum circuit breaker unit and a bus incoming line unit,thus meeting the needs of various transformer substations for flexible use of compact switch cabinets.
  SF6 gas insulated ring net cabinet is a completely sealed system,its charged components and switches are enclosed in a stainless steel body.The entire switching device is not affected by external environmental conditions,thus ensuring operation reliability and personal safety.By selecting an expandable bus,any combination can be realized and full modularization can be achieved.Expand bus safety insulation and shielding to ensure reliability and safety.
  Adopting a series of advanced technologies and materials,it has excellent electrical and mechanical properties,little influence from environment and weather,small volume,easy installation,convenient operation,no maintenance,and flexible combination mode.Clear and intuitive design ensures simple and direct operation.Feeder connection capacity is large,suitable for various connection systems.
  Second,the main characteristics of the product
  ◆Safe operation
  We can provide special security for users through the following security measures:
  1.Integrated three-station load switch.
  2.The breaker adopts load switch instead of isolating switch,which is safer and more reliable.
  3.The primary side fully enclosed design provides protection against accidental contact.
  4,meet the requirements of the five mechanical interlocking.
  5.Live display can provide live indication of incoming and outgoing lines
  ◆reliable operation
  1,fully enclosed design,all 10KV switch and busbar charged body are sealed in 3mm stainless steel plate welded into the box;With silicone rubber cable plug,the cable head is fully insulated and sealed,thus not affected by dust,humidity,small animals and other external environment.
  2.The spring energy storage operating mechanism can be operated manually or electrically.
  3.The panel analog line graph provides switch position indication.
  4.The cabinet is made of galvanized sheet with electrostatic spraying on the surface to enhance corrosion resistance.
  5.The pressure gauge monitors the safe pressure range of SF6 gas in the box.
  2.Highly reliable
  3,the service life can reach 30 years
  ◆Flexible scheme
  1.Various wire feeding modes can be used to realize left,right,upper or forward wire feeding
  2.Various combination modes,and any combination between units can be realized
  3,using insulated bus,can realize front and back cabinet or left and right cabinet
  4.Flexible design scheme
  ◆Widely used
  1.The feeder line has large capacity and small floor area,which is suitable for various application requirements.
  III.Design Description
  SF6 gas insulated ring net cabinet is installed on a galvanized plate frame.The switch unit is in SF6 gas box,which is made of corrosion-resistant and nonmagnetic 3mm thick stainless steel plate.
  SF6 gas tank is a"sealed pressure system"which can run for 20 years under normal working environment.When SF6 gas works normally,the pressure is 0.15-0.4 bar.The air tank is equipped with a pressure relief device to ensure physical release from the bottom or rear when the pressure is too high.
  ◆Switch unit
  The load switch adopts a coaxial rotating double-breakpoint mode,and carries out kinetic energy operation through the cooperation of the same-operation hole and the sliding plate,so the switch can only be in one of the three states of"closing,opening and grounding"at any one time,thus completely avoiding misoperation.
  ◆Operating mechanism
  The operating mechanism of the switch is installed at the front outside the box.It is treated by special technology to prevent rusting,convenient for manual operation and maintenance,and easy to realize electric operation.
  ◆Cable room that really meets the demand
  The cable connection room has large space,and the sleeve is of standard design,which can be matched with all European standard cable plugs.Under normal circumstances,each load switch unit can receive 1-3 outgoing lines,and specially designed units can receive 4-6 outgoing lines.The vacuum circuit breaker unit can receive 1~2 outgoing lines.
  ◆Pressure relief device
  The pressure relief device is separated from the cable room by a metal plate.If the pressure in the air box is too high,the explosion-proof membrane in the device will rupture to release the pressure.
  ◆Cable connection
  International standard and general specification bushings(in accordance with DIN47636 standard or American standard)are selected to facilitate users to select corresponding cable accessories.T-shaped front and rear cable plugs are used for connection,and European bolts are tightened step by step.M16 bolts are used for connection between front plug and sleeve.
  ◆Lightning arrester connection
  The load switch unit can be equipped with a T-shaped rear plug-in silicone rubber fully sealed metal zinc oxide lightning arrester.When the number of cable loops is large and the space is insufficient,π-shaped rear plug lightning arrester can be used.
  ◆Interlock mechanism
  Interlocking mechanism inside the switch can effectively prevent misoperation,and ensure that the cable room can enter only when the switch is in the"grounded"state,and can be locked in different states by adding an open lock.
  ◆Auxiliary switch
  The load switch and the grounding switch can be equipped with auxiliary switches that can synchronously reflect the switch position status as required.
  GA series switch fuse replacement is direct and simple.The fuse is placed in the insulating tube,which is located in the SF6 metal gas box.This design has the following advantages:
  1,fuse cover and sealing device in the weakest part of the electric field
  2.No conductive substance can be attached to the fuse assembly
  3.Part of SF6 gas is completely protected
  4.The breaker cover does not need additional insulating spring energy storage operating mechanism and linkage trip device to ensure that the three phases of the load switch will be automatically disconnected at the same time when any phase fuse is blown.
  ◆Switch test
  GA series switches have been tested by the electrical equipment quality inspection and testing center of the Ministry of electric power industry.the products meet the following main standards:GB/T11022,IEC 60694,IEC 60265,IEC 60420,IEC 60056,IEC60298,IEC 60129.
  ◆Operating conditions
  GA series switchgear is suitable for use in the temperature range of-40℃to+50℃.10kV charged body is located in SF6 airtight gas box.Silicone rubber plug connects cable and switch to form fully insulated and fully sealed structure.The whole system is not affected by environmental factors,such as moisture,dust,corrosive gas,etc.SF6 gas box is made of stainless steel material to ensure maintenance-free switch and long service life.
  ◆Surface protection
  The frame of the ring net cabinet is made of galvanized sheet and the surface is electrostatically sprayed to prevent corrosion.The front operation panel of the cabinet body is provided with an electrostatic spraying layer.
  Standard coating:
  Operation screen RAL7035(white)
  Cable room door RAL7035(white)
  Switch Side Plate RAL7035(White)
  IV.Definition of Unit
  V.technical parameters

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