PGL ac low voltage distribution panel

Fixed switch cabinet

Scope of application :

It is suitable for power distribution, power distribution and lighting in low-voltage power distribution system with ac 50HZ and rated working voltage not exceeding 380V.
product details
  An overview,
  PGL ac low-voltage distribution panel is suitable for power distribution,distribution and lighting in low-voltage distribution system with ac 50HZ and rated working voltage not exceeding 380V.
  The technical performance of this product meets the standard requirements of GB7251 and GB4720.
  Ii.Environmental conditions
  1.Ambient air temperature shall not be higher than+40℃,not lower than-5℃,and its average temperature shall not be higher than 35℃within 24 hours.
  2.Atmospheric conditions:clean air,relative humidity no more than 50 after maximum temperature+40℃;Allow for higher relative humidity at lower temperatures,such as 90 chews at 20℃,but allow for occasional moderate condensation due to temperature variations.
  3.The altitude is no more than 2000 meters.
  4.The vertical inclination when installing the device shall not exceed 5%,and the whole group of cabinets shall be arranged in a relatively smooth manner.
  5.The device shall be installed in a place without violent vibration and impact and without corrosive substances.
  6.The device is suitable for transportation and storage at the following temperatures:between-25℃and+55℃,up to+70℃in a short time(no more than 24h).The device shall not suffer any unrecoverable damage at these limiting temperatures,and shall work normally under normal conditions.
  7.If the above conditions cannot be met,the user and the manufacturer shall negotiate and solve the problem.
  Iii.Model and meaning
  Iv.Structural features:
  1.This product is indoor fixed installation and use,with open-type double-sided maintenance low-voltage distribution device.
  2.Its basic structure is welded with steel plate and Angle steel.There is a door in front of the screen and an open instrument panel above the front of the screen.
  3.A partition is added between the side-mounted screens,thus reducing the possibility of expanding accidents due to reasons.The terminal screen can be equipped with a protective panel.
  4.This product has a good grounding protection system.The main grounding point is welded under the skeleton,and the instrument door is connected with the shell.In this way,a complete grounding protection circuit is formed.The reliability of this grounding protection circuit greatly strengthens the product's ability to prevent electric shock.
  5.The neutral bus is arranged on the insulator below the screen.The shell is coated with protective paint inside and outside,and protective plates can be added to the starting and ending screens.
  6.This product has the advantages of reasonable structure,safe circuit configuration,good protection performance,high breaking capacity,good dynamic and thermal stability,safe and reliable operation,etc.It is a new generation of low-voltage switchgear and power network transformation product.
  7.Each main circuit scheme of this product corresponds to one or several auxiliary circuit schemes.Therefore,after selecting the main circuit scheme,users can easily select the appropriate electrical schematic diagram from the corresponding auxiliary circuit scheme.
  8.Simplify the main circuit scheme,cancel the multi-circuit small motor control scheme,make the main circuit scheme more reasonable,really make this product in the power distribution system as power,distribution,lighting use,multi-circuit small motor control scheme,it is recommended to choose power box series products.
  9.This product has four screen widths of 400,600,800 and 1000mm.Each screen can be used as an independent unit and can be combined into various schemes with the screen as the unit,which is convenient for users to select and achieve the combination of the required schemes.
  Main technical parameters
  Instructions for ordering
  1.Main circuit scheme diagram or main circuit system diagram;
  2.Control circuit electrical schematic diagram,terminal arrangement diagram;
  3.Switchgear layout plan;
  4.Color of cabinet(according to company standard if not required);
  5.List of components inside the cabinet(including name,specification,model and quantity of components);
  6.List of necessary spare parts;
  7.If you have any special requirements,please provide details.
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