Gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Zhengzhou West Power Company

  June 14,2014 is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Zhengzhou xidian electric co., is a day worthy of all Zhengzhou xidian people's life.In order to welcome the arrival of this special day,the company was jubilant all over the world,celebrating the company's 10th anniversary and holding a celebration with the theme of"being grateful for you".
  Ten years of passion,we walked together;Ten years of pioneering poems,we write together;Ten years of joys and sorrows,we share together;After ten years of ups and downs,we have gone hand in hand.Over the past ten years,we have been growing up and surmounting bravely!
  Ten years,3,650 days,every day there is a dedication of love,love to pay,3,650 days of love gathering,casting Zhengzhou West Electric Power brilliant decade!
  Ten years,thank you-every employee and friend who accompanied Zhengzhou Xidian to grow up!Because there are you all the way,every step taken by Zhengzhou West Power Company is so powerful!Because there are you all the way,zhengzhou xidian has today's elegant demeanour!Sincerely wish you success in your career and happiness in your family.
  After ten years of experience,ten years of development,ten years of hard work,ten years of sweat and ten years of helping each other,we can proudly say,"yesterday we experienced many vicissitudes,today we have infinite charm."I believe that with everyone's care,help and support,Zhengzhou Xidian will have a more brilliant future!


  Gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Zhengzhou West Power Company

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