Our team,our products and our services are combined into a series of solutions to improve your production efficiency and make your life smart and convenient.
  • Medical
    Ensuring patient safety is the primary task of medical treatment.Medical electrical energy management,low efficiency of electrical energy will produce budget burden,patient satisfaction is an important indicator of hospital work,to fully ensure the safety of people and things in the hospital,improve patient safety indicators and reduce patient costs.
  • Buildings&buildings
    Intelligent building management scheme can reduce energy cost,improve efficiency,meet the goal of sustainable development of enterprises and improve building value,while maintaining a productive,comfortable and livable environment for users.
  • Thermal Power & Wind Power

    With the change of the earth's climate,the problem of energy shortage has become more and more serious.Human beings need to find more efficient and renewable energy.Colleagues also need to improve production efficiency,reduce operating costs,and give attention to both on-site control and centralized control.

  • Manufacture
    Internet of Things power distribution manufacturing is a digital twin and data-driven factory that takes production to a new level.Sensors,robots,artificial intelligence,3D printing and the integration of these technologies;So that intelligent manufacture is more extensive.
  • Building Materials-Cement
    Safety and security are necessary measures to ensure the safety of workers and the safety of plant equipment and facilities.Sustainability and energy management create value chain efficiency for stakeholders,improve worker productivity,optimize asset utilization and increase production,and improve overall business performance.
  • Metallurgy & Mining
    Protect important assets through video surveillance security,advanced lightning detection systems,and integrated processes and machine security solutions.With our expert consulting services,we can save energy and achieve the goal of sustainable development throughout the life cycle of energy management.
  • Chemical & Petroleum
    Protect chemical oil and gas plants from safety risks through redundant architecture,distributed control systems and insight and training for key systems;Through ease of use,scalability and security,as well as standards-based integration and rich enterprise content.
  • Natural gas
    Provide on-site technical support to ensure that pipeline control room operators have the necessary experience to manage normal and abnormal operation activities;Optimize your processes with real-time process information and current external economic information to ensure large profits with low energy consumption.
  • Smart city
    Innovative operation technology based on the Internet of Things helps to make cities more efficient,flexible and sustainable.Limited city budgets and new investments are used to improve the operational efficiency of traditional city systems and provide reliable energy demand.
  • Industrial process automation
    Address the challenge of managing remote operations and assets efficiently throughout their life cycle and ensure a good return on investment.We will convert the on-site data into relevant information that will help improve the business and serve the factory operation.
  • Data center
    The digital operation and maintenance of the unit data center has been fully opened.An unattended digital operation and maintenance platform is under the escort of our professional team 24 hours a day.We build or maintain businesses and prefabricate solutions to minimize capital expenditure and operating expenses.
  • Hotel
    Real-time executable information is obtained through various technical systems of the hotel,so that the operation is more efficient,the productivity is better,the customers are more satisfied and the response speed is faster.Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.
  • Water and sewage treatment
    Water and wastewater treatment are transferred to digitalization,reducing the assembly of pumping system is an important way to improve energy efficiency,and power cost is an important component of industrial pumping cost.Intelligent water supplies based on Internet of Things can effectively solve this problem.
  • Electric facilities
  • Factory/machine
    With the digital transformation of the industrial automation market,the technology of industrial Internet of Things including integrated software can effectively and widely help develop intelligent manufacturing,and can bring new business opportunities to factories and machinery manufacturers by improving profit margins and productivity.
  • Power distribution/grid
    Whether it is the seamless integration of power generation and grid connection,or the balance of supply and demand,our platform provides a strong guarantee for improving grid efficiency and realizing the sustainable development of the grid.
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