GG1A fixed ac metal enclosed switchgear

Air insulated switchgear

Scope of application :

Suitable for 3.6-12kv three-phase ac 50HZ single bus and single bus with bypass power system as power distribution device to receive and distribute electric energy.
product details
  An overview,
  Gg-1a(F)(Z)-12 fixed ac metal enclosed switch equipment is suitable for 3.6-12kv three-phase ac 50HZ single bus and single bus with bypass power system as power distribution device to receive and distribute electric energy.The cabinet is equipped with a vacuum circuit breaker or a combination of vacuum circuit breaker and operating mechanism.The cabinet is featured with strong arc extinguishing ability,simple structure,convenient operation,reliable performance,convenient maintenance and reliable operation.The main circuit scheme is complete and can meet the needs of various power supply and distribution systems.
  This product complies with GB3906"3~35kV ac metal closed switch equipment",GB/T11022"high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard sharing technical requirements",IEC60298"rated voltage above 1KV 52KV and below ac metal closed switch equipment and control equipment",IEC60694"high voltage switch equipment and control equipment sharing terms"and other standard requirements.
  Ii.Conditions of use
  1.Upper limit of ambient air temperature:+40℃,lower limit:-10℃,daily average temperature not exceeding 35℃;
  2.The altitude is no more than 1000 meters;
  3.The daily average relative environmental humidity is no more than 95%,and the monthly average is no more than 90%;
  4,the earthquake intensity does not exceed 8;
  5.The daily average steam pressure shall not exceed 2.2kpa,and the monthly average shall not exceed 1.8kpa;
  6.Places free from fire,explosion,serious pollution,chemical corrosion and violent vibration.
  Note:users can negotiate with us if the above conditions are exceeded.
  Iii.Product model and meaning
  4.Structural features
  The switch cabinet body type adopts the frame type metal closure structure,the cabinet body frame is welded by the Angle steel.Among them,there is a door and operation board in front of the circuit breaker cabinet,and a protective board on both sides is separated from the adjacent cabinet.The primary and secondary electrical components are all systems and isolated from each other.The middle partition divides the cabinet into upper and lower parts.The upper part is the circuit breaker room,the lower part is the disconnecting switch and cable room,and the current transformer is installed on the intermediate partition.The upper right is the door of the circuit breaker room,and the lower is the door of the isolation switch and cable room.The upper left corner of the front is the relay room with a door,on which are installed monitoring instruments,signal lights and other control protection and other secondary components.Relay room below the room terminal room and operation board.The door in the lower left corner is equipped with a closing contactor and fuse.The top of the cabinet is separated by a partition and a circuit breaker room.
  Adopt the control switch with lock and"red and green card"to realize the prevention of wrong orientation,wrong separation and wrong closing of circuit breakers.The red and green card is installed on the analog circuit board corresponding to each cabinet in the control room,and the control switch is on the panel of low-voltage room of the switch cabinet.
  Bypass operation,interlock between cabinets,the use of mechanical locking to prevent the separation of load isolation switch,ensure the procedural between the isolation switch and the circuit breaker.
  Chain mechanism and program lock are adopted to prevent accidental electrification interval.
  Switch cabinet according to the different grounding mode is divided into"general type locking scheme"and"simple type locking scheme"two types."General type locking scheme"adopts earthing switch as the line earthing protection.The earthing switch is assembled on the input-outlet disconnecting switch of switch equipment to ensure safe and reliable earthing.Gn19-10 isolation switch is adopted in the"simple type locking scheme",and the grounding pile with error-proof function is adopted as the grounding protection of the line,and the grounding wire can be hung on the end of the grounding pile during the maintenance of power failure.
  Switchgear can be divided into two types:cable incoming and outgoing line and overhead incoming and outgoing line.The top of the main cabinet is the main bus and bus side isolation switch,the middle is installed with positive and empty circuit breaker,and the isolation switch of the outgoing line is installed in the attached cabinet.The cable side disconnector is mounted under the switchgear.The upper part of the front part of the switchgear is divided into a low-voltage chamber,and the control protection and measurement units are installed in this chamber or panel.A disconnecting switch operating mechanism,circuit breaker,upper and lower doors and other interlocking devices are installed on the left operating board of the front side of the switchgear.For the bypass bus system,the bypass isolation switch is installed in the attached cabinet,and its operating mechanism is installed behind the cabinet.
  Technical parameters
  Instructions for ordering
  1.Main circuit scheme diagram or main circuit system diagram;
  2.Control circuit electrical schematic diagram,terminal arrangement diagram;
  3.Switchgear layout plan;
  4.Color of cabinet(according to company standard if not required);
  5.List of components inside the cabinet(including name,specification,model and quantity of components);
  6.List of necessary spare parts;
  7.If you have any special requirements,please provide details.
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