KYN28-12 armoured removable ac metal enclosed switchgear

Air insulated switchgear

Scope of application :

Suitable for three-phase ac rated voltage 12kV, rated frequency 50Hz power system.
product details
  An overview,
  KYN28-12 armored move open ac metal-enclosed switchgear applicable to 12 kv three-phase ac rated voltage,rated frequency 50 hz,power system is mainly used in power plants,substations,industrial and mining enterprises,distribution centers and large equipment,such as high voltage motor starting,as acceptance and distribution of electrical energy,and to implement the circuit control,protection and monitoring;Can be used for single bus,single bus segment system or double bus system.
  This product conforms to GB3906"3~35kV ac metal enclosed switch equipment",GB/T11022"high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard sharing technical requirements",IEC60298"rated voltage above 1KV 52KV and below ac metal shell switch equipment and control equipment",IEC60694"high voltage switch equipment and control equipment sharing terms"and other standard requirements.
  Ii.Normal operating conditions
  1.Ambient temperature:maximum temperature+40℃,minimum temperature-15℃;
  2.Environmental humidity:daily average is no more than 95%and monthly average is no more than 90%;
  3.Altitude:less than 1000 fans;
  4.Earthquake resistance;Earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
  5.The daily average steam pressure shall not exceed 2.2kpa,and the monthly average shall not exceed 1.8kpa;
  6,the surrounding air should not contain corrosive or flammable gases,steam and other obvious pollution;
  7.No serious pollution and frequent violent vibration;
  8.When it is used under normal environmental conditions in excess of GB3906,it shall be negotiated by the user and the manufacturer.
  Note:(1)when the relative humidity is greater than 70%,the electric heater should be connected.
  Iii.Model and meaning
  4.Structural features
  1.The cabinet structure is made of aluminum-zinc coated plate assembled by multiple bending;High precision,corrosion resistance,light weight,high strength,strong versatility of parts.
  2,can be equipped with VS1(ZN63)series or imported VD4 series vacuum circuit breaker,wide applicability,high reliability.
  3.The handcart is equipped with working and test positions and positioning and display devices in each position,which is safe and reliable.
  4.The handcart with the same purpose,such as voltage transformer handcart,metering handcart,isolation handcart,and station variable floor handcart,is interchangeable;
  5,easy to replace circuit breakers,good interchangeability;
  6,safe,reliable and effective"five prevention"lock,to prevent misoperation;
  7.The cabinet body is equipped with an observation window to observe the working state of the components inside the cabinet;
  8.High protection level,which can prevent invasion of sundries and insect pests;The protection grade of switch cabinet shell reaches IP4X,and the protection grade of each compartment is IP2X.
  9,cabinet body reliable wall installation,cabinet front maintenance,reduce the floor area;
  10.All high-pressure Chambers have pressure relief channels to ensure personal safety;
  11.There is enough space in the cable room to connect multiple cables;
  12.Heater can be installed in circuit breaker room and cable room to prevent condensation and corrosion.
  13.The circuit breaker room and cable room can be equipped with lighting devices respectively according to the requirements of users to facilitate maintenance and overhaul.
  Technical parameters
  Instructions for ordering
  1.Main circuit scheme diagram or main circuit system diagram;
  2.Control circuit electrical schematic diagram,terminal arrangement diagram;
  3.Switchgear layout plan;
  4.Color of cabinet(according to company standard if not required);
  5.List of components inside the cabinet(including name,specification,model and quantity of components);
  6.List of necessary spare parts;
  7.If you have any special requirements,please provide details.
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