KYN28-24 armoured removable ac metal enclosed switchgear

Air insulated switchgear

Scope of application :

Suitable for three-phase ac rated voltage 24KV, rated frequency 50HZ single bus, single bus breaking and double bus power system, used for receiving and distributing electric energy and controlling, protecting and monitoring the circuit.
product details
  Kyn28-24 armoured open-type ac metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable for three-phase ac rated voltage 24KV,rated frequency 50HZ single bus,single bus breaking and double bus power system,which is used to receive and distribute electric energy and control,protect and monitor the circuit.It is mainly used in power plants,small and medium-sized generators,industrial and mining enterprises and power distribution and secondary substation of power system to receive power,feed power and start large high-voltage motors,etc.The cabinet can be equipped with ZN63(VS1)vacuum circuit breaker or ABB VD4 vacuum circuit breaker.
  This product conforms to the requirements of GB3906"3~35kV ac metal enclosed switch equipment",GB/T11022"common technical requirements for high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standards",IEC60298"switch equipment and control equipment for ac metal enclosure with rated voltage above 1KV and below 52KV",DL/T404"technical conditions for ordering indoor ac high voltage switchgear".
  Ii.Normal operating conditions
  1.Ambient temperature:maximum temperature+40℃,minimum temperature-15℃;
  2.Environmental humidity:daily average is no more than 95%and monthly average is no more than 90%;
  3.Altitude:less than 1000 fans;
  4.Earthquake resistance;Earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
  5.The daily average steam pressure shall not exceed 2.2kpa,and the monthly average shall not exceed 1.8kpa;
  6,the surrounding air should not contain corrosive or flammable gases,steam and other obvious pollution;
  7.No serious pollution and frequent violent vibration;
  In excess of GB3906 under normal environmental conditions,by the user and the manufacturer to negotiate.
  Iii.Model and meaning
  4.Structural features
  4.1 kyn28-24 cabinet is divided into four separate compartments.The protection grade of shell is IP4X.The protection grade of each compartment and circuit breaker compartment is IP2X when the door is opened.It is equipped with overhead input-outlet line,cable input-outlet line and other functional schemes,which can be used as distribution devices of various schemes after arrangement and combination.This switch equipment shell is made of import aluminized zinc sheet steel,processed by CNC machine tool,and adopts the multiple folding process,the whole cabinet put oneself in another's position not only has high precision,strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance,and adopts the multiple folding process,make cabinet put oneself in another's position than other similar equipment cabinet put oneself in another's whole light weight,high mechanical strength,good appearance.The cabinet body is assembled and connected by riveting nut and high strength bolt.In this way,the processing and production cycle is shortened,parts and components are universal,and the area of land is reduced,which is convenient to organize production.
  4.2 a handcart
  The frame of handcart is made of steel plate processed by CNC machine and riveted.The handcart and cabinet insulation coordination,mechanical interlock,safe,reliable and flexible.According to the purpose,handcart can be divided into circuit breaker handcart,voltage transformer handcart,measuring handcart and so on.The height and depth of all kinds of handcars are uniform,the same specification of handcars can be exchanged.The hand truck has isolation test position and working position in the cabinet,and each position is equipped with positioning device to ensure reliable interlock,which needs to be operated according to the interlock anti-misoperation procedure.All kinds of handcart adopt nut and screw to advance and withdraw,its operation is light and flexible,suitable for the personnel on duty to operate.When the handcart needs to move the cabinet,a special transfer vehicle can be used to facilitate the withdrawal,inspection and maintenance;And the use of the middle type,the whole handcart small volume,inspection,maintenance is very convenient.
  4.3 compartment inside switch cabinet
  The main electrical components of the switchgear all have their independent compartments,namely:the circuit breaker handcart compartment,bus compartment,cable compartment,relay instrument compartment.The protection grade of each compartment reaches IP2X;In addition to the relay outdoor,the other three compartments have their own pressure relief channels.With the use of the mid-mounted type,the location of the cable compartment is greatly increased,so the equipment can be connected to multiple cables.
  (1)the circuit breaker compartment is equipped with a guide rail for the sliding of the circuit breaker handcart in the circuit breaker compartment.The handcart can move between working position and test isolation position.The movable curtain plate is made of metal plate and installed on the back wall of the handcart room.Handcart from isolation in mobile to work location/test position,in a small busbar chamber and cable connection chamber(cable room)in the static contact box on the static contact entered the activities of the curtain plate automatically open,reverse direction handcart,activity curtain plate automatic closing,closed up and the static contact case,so as to guarantee the operators do not touch the charged body.The hand truck is operated when the door of the switch cabinet is closed.The position of the hand truck in the cabinet can be seen through the observation window,as well as the On(to make the circuit breaker close/OFF)button,On/OFF mechanical position indicator and energy storage/release status indicator of the hand truck.
  (2)removable circuit breaker handcart frame is composed of steel plate,equipped with vacuum circuit breaker and other auxiliary equipment.The primary contact with the spring contact subsystem is installed on the outgoing terminal of the circuit breaker by the arm,and the control button of the operating mechanism of the circuit breaker and the opening and closing civilian instructions are set on the panel of the handcart for easy operation.When the handcart enters the switch cabinet and reaches the isolation inspection position,the shell of the handcart is connected with the grounding system of the switch cabinet reliably,and the instrument protection and control circuit is also connected with the switch cabinet through the secondary plug.When the handcart moves to the working position,connect the primary circuit except the circuit breaker.
  (3)bus compartment
  Bus leads from one switch cabinet to another switch cabinet and is fixed by branch bus and static contact box.The main bus and connecting bus are rounded copper bars with rectangular section.Two rectangular busbars are needed for large current loads.All busbars are covered with heat-shrinkable bushing.The flat branch line is connected with the main bus of the static contact box by bolt connection.Insulation sleeve is used to support the bus passing through the partition of switch cabinet.If the internal fault arc comes out of the cabinet,it can prevent the bus from running through melting,ensure the accident does not spread to the adjacent cabinet,and avoid the deformation of the main bus due to the effect of electric power.
  (4)cable compartment the back wall of the cable compartment can be installed with current transformer,voltage transformer,grounding switch,and lightning arrester in the cable room.After the handcart and the horizontal partition are removed,the construction personnel can enter the switch cabinet from the front to install the cable.In the cable room,there is a special cable connecting conductor,which can be connected with 1-6 single-core cables.At the same time,detachable metal sealing plate is also prepared at the bottom to ensure the convenience of on-site construction.
  (5)instrument compartment the instrument compartment can be equipped with relay protection components,meters,live monitoring indicators and special requirements are secondary equipment.The control line is laid in the slot with enough space,and there is a metal cover plate.The left slot is reserved for the introduction and extraction of the small bus,and the secondary line inside the switch cabinet is laid on the right.The side plate of the instrument compartment also has a small busbar through the hole for construction.
  4.4 prevent misoperation of interlocking device
  The switch cabinet has a reliable interlock device to provide reliable safety protection for operators and maintenance personnel.Its functions are as follows:
  (1)after the handcart is moved from the working position to the isolation/test position,the movable curtain plate separates the static contact box to prevent accidental access to the electrified compartment.When overhaul,usable padlock locks activity curtain board.
  (2)when the circuit breaker is in the closing state,the handcart cannot be pulled out from the working position or pushed from the isolation/test position to the working position;The handcart of the circuit breaker is fully locked in the test position or working position before it can be operated.
  (3)the grounding switch can only be operated when the handcart is in isolation/test position and out of the cabinet.When the grounding switch is in the closing state,the handcart cannot retreat from the isolation/test position to the working position.
  (4)when the hand car is in the working position,the secondary plug is locked and cannot be pulled out.
  4.5 pressure relief device
  In handcart rooms,bus room and the top of the cable chamber are equipped with pressure relief devices,when a circuit breaker or bus internal arc fault occurs,along with the emergence of the arc,switchgear higher internal pressure,pressure release of metal plate at the top of the assembly will be automatically open release and discharge gas pressure,to ensure the safety of operators and switchgear.
  4.6 the location of the secondary plug and the handcart is interlocked
  The connection between the secondary line on the switch cabinet and the secondary line of the handcart is realized through the secondary plug.The moving contact of the secondary plug is connected with the handcart through a nylon bellows,and the secondary static contact seat is installed on the upper right side of the switch cabinet circuit breaker compartment.Only in the test/isolation position can the second plug be plugged in and removed.When the hand car is in the working position,the second plug is locked and cannot be removed.The breaker handcart can only open before the secondary plug is not connected.Because the closing mechanism of the breaker handcart is locked by electromagnetic field,it cannot be closed.
  4.7 live display device
  The switch cabinet is equipped with a live display device.The device consists of two parts:high-voltage sensor and portable display.The sensor is installed on the side of the bus or feeder,and the plug interface of the display is installed on the low-voltage compartment of the switch cabinet.When ABC three-phase is tested for electrified,the plug of the portable display can be inserted into interface L1L2L3.If the display ACTS,the bus or feeder side is electrified;otherwise,it is not electrified.At the same time,it can also be used as phase sequence detector or electro-optic indicator to detect whether the high voltage side is charged.
  4.8 prevent condensation and corrosion
  In order to prevent the risk of condensation in climatic environments with high humidity or large temperature changes.Heaters are installed separately in circuit breakers and cable rooms to facilitate use and prevent corrosion in the above environment.
  4.9 grounding device
  There is a 5×40mm grounding copper bar in the cable room that can cross the adjacent switchgear and have good contact with the cabinet.This earthing is for direct earthing components.At the same time,the whole cabinet is in a good grounding state due to the combination of aluminum and zinc plates,which ensures the safety of operators and cabinet.
  V.technical parameters:
  Instructions for ordering
  1.Main circuit scheme diagram or main circuit system diagram;
  2.Control circuit electrical schematic diagram,terminal arrangement diagram;
  3.Switchgear layout plan;
  4.Color of cabinet(according to company standard if not required);
  5.List of components inside the cabinet(including name,specification,model and quantity of components);
  6.List of necessary spare parts;
  7.If you have any special requirements,please provide details.
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