Substation automation system

Substation automation system

Scope of application :

Suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, petrochemical, chemical, power plants, metallurgy, airports, schools, hospitals, airports, intelligent buildings and other occasions.
product details
  An overview,
  Substation integrated automation system USES advanced computer,electrical,automation,field bus and network communication technology,follow the standard specification of power distribution system based on a set of system software and hardware products,state of electric equipment for transformer room,electrical parameters,running environment,such as monitoring and measuring data,complete the automatic control of high and low voltage switch equipment,protection,signal,remote automation features,such as distribution equipment is reliable and optimal operation,improve the safety performance of the system and the economic benefit.
  Substation integrated automation system is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises,petrochemical,chemical,power plants,metallurgy,airports,schools,hospitals,airports,intelligent buildings and other occasions.
  Intelligent substation integrated automation system adopts layered and distributed structure design.The whole system is divided into three layers:monitoring layer,network layer and equipment layer.The system realizes network interconnection through field bus,industrial Ethernet,etc.,with large capacity,fast speed,good real-time performance,good openness and good scalability.
  Second,system characteristics
  Network communication follows a variety of domestic and international standards,such as Modbus,CDT,iec60870-101/102/103/104,DNP3.0,IEC61850,etc.,can easily access to other manufacturers of IED intelligent electronic equipment;
  Diverse communication modes,support 3G/GPRS/CDMA/GSM,fiber Ethernet,PSTN,wireless,etc.
  The system is equipped with data acquisition,status monitoring,protection and control functions,providing complete real-time/historical database services,as well as equipment operation and maintenance information management services;
  The system functions are scattered,independent and independent,with high safety and reliability.It can be flexibly configured according to actual needs to meet the needs of expansion and reduce construction investment and maintenance costs.
  The man-machine interface screen is rich in information,which can display the primary wiring diagram,electrical parameters,equipment operating environment parameters,etc.The equipment operation,maintenance,management,protection,fixed value modification,etc.,is provided with multi-level authority protection.
  The system has a perfect SOE event sequence recording and accident recall function,providing voice alarm and SMS alarm function,which can understand the accident in real time and facilitate inquiry of the accident that has occurred;
  Perfect video system can monitor the situation of distribution room comprehensively and from multiple angles;
  Supporting chosen with complete switchgear,0.4 kV~35 kV voltage level,can provide KYN28A-12 armored draw-out,KYN61-40.5 armoured move open,HXGN box fixed,JYN1 mouth-12-40.5 high pressure interval move open,ABB UniGear ZS1-12 armoured and houndreds types product as like GCK low-voltage withdrawable,GCL low voltage draw-out,GCS low-voltage withdrawable,MNS low-voltage withdrawable and Schneider Blockset low-pressure series and so on the many kinds of models,fully meet the needs of the project;
  Excellent performance,intelligent switchgear complete power plants,substations,industrial and mining enterprises,civil buildings and other units of electricity,electricity transmission at the same time,to achieve the main electrical equipment monitoring,control and protection functions,cost-effective.
  System composition
  [monitoring layer]
  The system monitoring layer is composed of monitoring system software,computer and network equipment,which can be located in the duty room to complete the centralized monitoring of all high/low voltage distribution rooms,diesel generator sets and other power equipment.Hardware equipment is configured with monitoring computer,switch,printer,UPS power supply,etc.,while software is configured with configuration software of distribution monitoring system developed for distribution system.
  The main components of the monitoring layer include:
  Intelligent transformer and distribution monitoring system
  Remote monitoring service center
  Network layer
  Network layer generally use the way such as fieldbus and industrial Ethernet,mainly including communication management machine,industrial Ethernet switch,complete equipment in lower layer of intelligent units and the connections between the upper layer stand accused of monitoring host,transmission of data,including the transformation of communication protocol,to realize the seamless connection between the underlying equipment and monitoring host.
  The main components of the network layer equipment and systems include:
  Communication management machine
  Distribution monitoring system based on fieldbus technology
  Distribution monitoring system based on industrial Ethernet technology
  Distribution monitoring system based on wireless mobile communication technology
  Distribution monitoring system based on Internet of things technology
  [equipment layer]
  Installed in the power distribution room,high and low voltage switchgear and power distribution ark of field devices,such as intelligent units,such as sensors,responsible for collecting site electrical parameters,environmental temperature and humidity parameters,electrical equipment,temperature,etc.,and will be on site equipment information and to monitor host,at the same time receive control instructions from monitor host.The device layer is generally constructed by fieldbus based on standard Modbus protocol,and Ethernet with higher speed can also be constructed according to the application scale and requirements.
  Sensors,etc.,transmit the collected data to the corresponding intelligent acquisition unit by wired or wireless means.In the wired mode,the field equipment can adopt the form of 4~20mA dc analog quantity,which can be transmitted by cable to the corresponding intelligent unit for collection;Wireless mode,can apply infrared ray,GPRS,ZigBee and other technologies to the intelligent unit acquisition.

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