MNS low pressure extraction switch cabinet

Pull-out switch cabinet

Scope of application :

Suitable for ac 50~60HZ, rated working voltage 660V and below power system.
product details
  An overview,
  MNS low-voltage extraction switch cabinet consists of power center cabinet(PC)and motor control center cabinet(MCC).It is suitable for power system of 50~60HZ,rated working voltage 660V and below,used for power conversion,distribution and control of power distribution equipment,such as power plant,substation,petrochemical,metallurgy,steel rolling,light industry and textile,residential area,high-rise building,etc.
  MNS low-voltage drawout switchgear meets iec439-1"low-voltage switchgear and control equipment"gb7251.1-2005"low-voltage switchgear"and other standard requirements.
  Ii.Environmental conditions
  1.Ambient air temperature shall not be higher than+40℃,not lower than-5℃,and its average temperature shall not be higher than 35℃within 24 hours.
  2.Atmospheric conditions:clean air,relative humidity no more than 50 after high temperature+40℃;Allow for higher relative humidity at lower temperatures,such as 90 chews at 20℃,but allow for occasional moderate condensation due to temperature variations.
  3.The altitude is no more than 2000 meters.
  4.The vertical inclination when installing the device shall not exceed 5%,and the whole group of cabinets shall be arranged in a relatively smooth manner.
  5.The device shall be installed in a place without violent vibration and impact and without corrosive substances.
  6.The device is suitable for transportation and storage at the following temperatures:between-25℃and+55℃,up to+70℃in a short time(no more than 24h).The device shall not suffer any unrecoverable damage at these limiting temperatures,and shall work normally under normal conditions.
  7.If the above conditions cannot be met,the user and the manufacturer shall negotiate and solve the problem.
  Iii.Model and meaning
  Iv.Structural features:
  1.MNS low-voltage switchgear is assembled from C profiles.All the structural parts of the cabinet frame are processed by galvanization,which are solidly connected into the basic cabinet frame by self-tapping locking screw or hexagon bolt,and then assembled into a complete switchgear cabinet by the door,sealing plate,partition board,installation bracket and bus function unit and other parts corresponding to the change of the scheme.
  2.The cabinet of MNS low-voltage switchgear cabinet is divided into three rooms,namely,the horizontal bus room(at the back of the cabinet),the drawer compartment(at the front of the cabinet),and the cable room(at the lower or right side of the cabinet).Rooms are separated from each other by steel plates or high-strength flame-retardant plastic functional plates,and there are metal plates with ventilation holes between the upper and lower drawers,so as to effectively prevent the accidents caused by the flasward caused by the fault of switch elements or the short circuit of bus and other lines.
  3.MNS low-voltage switchgear structure design can meet the requirements of various input-outlet schemes:upper input-outlet,lower input-outlet,lower input-outlet,lower input-outlet.
  4.Taking E=25mm as the modulus,the structural parts have strong generality and flexible assembly,and the structure and extraction units can be combined arbitrarily to meet the needs of system design.
  5,the bus with high strength flame retardant,high insulation strength plastic functional board protection,with anti-fault arc performance,make the operation and maintenance safe and reliable.
  6.The mechanical interlocking mechanism of all kinds of drawers conforms to the standard,with three obvious positions of connection,test and separation,safe and reliable.
  7.Standard module design:can be composed of standard units such as protection,operation,conversion,control,adjustment,measurement and indication,etc.,and can be assembled at will according to requirements.
  8.High level of generalization and standardization,convenient assembly.Reliable quality assurance.
  9.The protection level of cabinet body is IP30 and IP40,which can also be selected according to user needs.
  Main technical parameters
  Instructions for ordering
  1.Main circuit scheme diagram or main circuit system diagram;
  2.Control circuit electrical schematic diagram,terminal arrangement diagram;
  3.Switchgear layout plan;
  4.Color of cabinet(according to company standard if not required);
  5.List of components inside the cabinet(including name,specification,model and quantity of components);
  6.List of necessary spare parts;
  7.If you have any special requirements,please provide details.
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