PZ series low voltage integrated distribution box

Non-standard box (cabinet)

Scope of application :

It is suitable for single-phase and three-phase circuits with frequency of 50Hz, rated voltage of 500V and below, and load current of no more than 100A, for power lighting, motor control, overload, leakage and short circuit protection.
product details
  An overview,
  PZ series low-voltage integrated distribution box is suitable for single-phase and three-phase circuits with frequency of 50Hz,rated voltage of 500V and below,and load current of no more than 100A,for power lighting,motor control,overload,leakage and short circuit protection.The box is reasonable in design,small in size,beautiful in appearance,safe and reliable in use,widely used in factories,buildings,residences,shopping malls and other places.
  This product meets the standard requirements of gb7251.3-2006"low-voltage switchgear and control equipment"and iec60439-3"low-voltage switchgear and control equipment".
  Ii.Conditions of use
  1.The altitude shall not exceed 2000m.
  2.Ambient air temperature shall not exceed 40℃or-25℃.
  3.The monthly average relative humidity of air at+20℃is no more than 90%.
  4,no violent vibration and impact of the place.
  5.There is no explosion hazard site,and there is no gas or conductive dust in the medium that can corrodes metal and damage insulation.
  Iii.Product model and meaning
  4.Structural features
  The main structural components are cover,box,transparent cover door,installation rail,conductive row,incoming wire shield and busbar baffle,and have neutral wire and grounding terminal row.The shell can be divided into full plastic,plastic surface iron bottom,steel and stainless steel,etc.All the electrical components in the box are modular with a width of 9mm and installed on the th35-7.5 installation rail,which can be arbitrarily combined into various circuit schemes according to requirements.The handle of the installed electrical components is exposed for easy operation,and other live parts cover the interior of the upper cover.There are two types of installation:open installation(hanging)and dark installation(wall installation).The shell is made of 1.0mm thick high quality steel plate.The shell is treated by high voltage electrostatic spraying and equipped with plastic transparent cover.The shape is beautiful and generous.
  1.Factory standard of modular structure;Standard composite system.
  2,each box design novel and beautiful,set of standardized series in one.
  3,single lighting box three-phase can be used,single and multi-stage,leakage can be arbitrary combination.
  4.Rated current≤100A,enclosure protection grade up to IP3X.
  5,ultra-thin structure is suitable for the installation of lightweight wall and wall hanging installation.
  6.Safe and reliable single-phase and three-phase comb bus-bar connection,with bus-bar insulation protection sleeve,higher safety performance and better thermal stability.
  Technical parameters and mounting dimensions
  Instructions for ordering
  Please indicate when ordering:
  1.Model number;
  2.Number of return routes;
  3.Installation mode(open or dark);
  4.Box color.
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