Insulation detection system

Power management

Scope of application :

product details
  1)can monitor the voltage of two sections of dc bus,positive and negative bus to ground voltage,and display.
  2)can monitor insulation resistance of two sections of dc bus to ground,and display positive and negative insulation resistance of bus to ground.
  3)communication(RS485)function,4 RS485 interfaces;The voltage value,resistance value,SOE event record,modification time and timing can be read by communication.
  4)each RS485 interface has communication status indicator light(one red and one green,indicating the sending and receiving status).
  5)switch state quantity collection function,able to collect 3 channels of switch state quantity.
  6)open function of dry contact,output of 5-way relay can indicate fault and alarm.
  7)key input function,which can set parameters and modify fixed values through keys.There are 16 buttons.
  8)LED indicator function,4 LED status lights,indicating power status,fault and alarm.
  9)LCD LCD display function,can display voltage,resistance,time,fixed value and set related interface.
  10)can record 500 SOE events,which can be read through RS485 communication interface.
  11)can be applied to DC 220V and DC 110V DC systems.
  12)put and cut the unbalanced bridge once every day at 06:00:00 to ensure that the evenly falling insulation between the poles and the ground can be found in time.
  13)it has the detection function of the state of the bus switch.When the two segments are running independently,if the bus switch is closed,the operation mode can be automatically switched to parallel detection of the two segments to prevent interference of the two simultaneous detection on each other.
  14)equipped with hardware clock and communication timing function.

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