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  A cable management component(10)and a method thereof include a vertical plate(14)having an interface portion(16)and a plurality of cable management devices(50).The interface portion has a plurality of holes of a particular shape(30).The cable management device(50)has a connector(72,74)corresponding to the specific shape holes to fix the cable management device to the installation plate at selected vertical and horizontal positions.The cable management assembly is constructed to extend or engage to one end of a telecommunications frame between two adjacent telecommunications frames(12).
  A joint to cable management component structure of the telecommunications,cable management components including:(a)a structure for the joint to a mounting plate structure of the telecommunications,described in the mounting plate includes a first interface section and formed in the first described the shape of the more specific on the interface section,referred to a specific shape holes arranged in columns and rows of array;And(b)a plurality of cable management devices having connectors corresponding to holes of a particular shape constructed to be fixed to the mounting plate at selected vertical and horizontal positions.
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