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  Building control system mainly includes air conditioning fresh air unit,air supply and exhaust fan,sump and drainage pump,elevator,power distribution,lighting and so on.All mechanical and electrical equipment are centrally managed and monitored throughout the building through the building automatic control system and its built-in optimized control procedures and preset time procedures.Under the premise of meeting the control requirements,the comprehensive energy saving is realized.The control function of the controller is used to replace the daily operation and maintenance work,greatly reducing the daily workload and reducing the equipment loss of control or damage caused by the maintenance personnel's work mistakes.
  Generally,for a modern building,if an advanced building automatic control system is selected and controlled by optimization software prepared by professional technicians,the owner can get:
  1)all mechanical and electrical devices are fully automatically controlled by the field controller to achieve some control functions that cannot be realized manually.
  2)in the central control room,all mechanical and electrical equipment can be directly monitored at the central workstation.Through monitoring and alarming status,whether all mechanical and electrical equipment is in normal operation can be understood,and management functions such as recording and printing reports can be realized.
  3)reduce the workload of daily operation and maintenance,thereby reducing the daily operation and maintenance personnel.
  4)by optimizing the control program and preset time program,all mechanical and electrical equipment can be controlled to achieve comprehensive energy saving,and the optimal energy saving effect can reach 45%.
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