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We focus on providing customers with power system planning and consulting, power engineering design, power engineering construction, power engineering equipment manufacturing, power engineering power supply and acceptance, power equipment maintenance and maintenance, user power use and safety training as one of the power service construction solutions.
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  With the rapid development of China's economy,the demand for electric power is increasing,and the construction of electric power engineering is also facing new opportunities and challenges.In the construction of electric power engineering,the design of electric power engineering is particularly important.The design work of electric power engineering is the premise to ensure the smooth construction of electric power engineering.The quality of design is directly related to the economic benefits,environmental benefits and social benefits of electric power engineering construction.
  15 years of industry experience,power engineering solutions leader,the company has electric power construction engineering design qualification,have professional senior technical design team,dedicated to provide users with the electric power system planning and the construction of electric power engineering,power engineering construction,power engineering equipment manufacturing,electric power engineering electric transmission and acceptance,power equipment maintenance,user electricity use and construction safety training for the integration of electricity service solutions.
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