Zw32-12 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

Outdoor switchgear

Scope of application :

Suitable for three-phase ac 50Hz, rated voltage 12KV and below power distribution system, mainly used for breaking and closing the load current, overload current and short circuit current, also can be used as the sectional switch of rural power network and small power system.
product details
  An overview,
  Zw32-12 outdoor high voltage column vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for three-phase ac 50Hz,rated voltage 12KV and below power distribution system,mainly used for breaking and closing the load current,overload current and short circuit current of the line,also can be used as the sectional switch of agricultural network and small power system.
  The circuit breaker can be equipped with disconnecting switch or anti-surge current delay protector.
  Circuit breaker can choose manual spring mechanism,electric spring mechanism,electric spring mechanism can be installed wireless remote control.
  According to the requirements of the user,the circuit breaker can be combined with the corresponding controller to form an automatic recloser,sectionalizer and so on to realize automatic distribution network.
  With small size,heavy light,anti-condensation,maintenance-free features,can adapt to the low and harsh climate conditions and pollution environment.
  This product conforms to GB/T1984"high voltage ac circuit breaker",GB/T1985"ac high isolation switch and grounding switch"and GB/T11022"common technical requirements of high voltage switching equipment and control equipment standard"and other standard requirements.
  Ii.Environmental conditions
  1.Ambient air temperature:upper limit+40℃,lower limit-40℃;
  2.Altitude:no more than 2000m;
  3.Wind pressure:no more than 700Pa(equivalent to wind speed of 34m/s);
  4,earthquake intensity:not more than 8 degrees;
  5,filthy level:Ⅳlevel;
  6.Daily temperature difference:no more than 25 degrees;
  7.Relative humidity:daily average is no more than 95%and monthly average is no more than 90%
  8.No inflammable,explosion hazard,chemical corrosion and violent vibration place.
  Special usage conditions:if you need to apply under normal usage conditions different from the above,please consult with us.
  Iii.Model and meaning
  4.Structural features
  1,the circuit breaker adopts three-phase pillar structure,with breaking performance stable and reliable,no combustion and explosion risk,maintenance free,small size,light weight and long service life.
  2,the circuit breaker USES the completely closed structure,the sealing performance is good,is helpful to improve the moisture-proof,the anti-condensation performance,is specially suitable for the cold or the damp area to use.
  3.The three-phase pillars and current transformers are insulated with imported outdoor epoxy resin solid insulation,or indoor epoxy resin outsourcing organic silicone rubber solid insulation;It is resistant to high and low temperature,ultraviolet radiation and aging.
  4.The operating mechanism adopts miniaturized spring operating mechanism,with small power of energy storage motor and low energy consumption for switching and closing;Mechanism transmission adopts direct transmission mode,with less parts and components and high reliability.The operating mechanism is placed in the sealed mechanism box,which solves the problem of corrosion and improves the reliability of the mechanism.
  5.The opening and closing of circuit breakers can be operated manually or electrically or remotely.It can be combined with intelligent controller to realize distribution automation,and can also be combined with coincidence controller to form automatic coincidence device and subsection device.
  Technical parameters
  Vi.Installation,use and maintenance
  1.After unpacking,check whether the insulation of the circuit breaker on the column is damaged or not,and whether the nameplate and qualification certificate of the product are consistent with the real product.
  2,before the column circuit breaker put into operation,should carefully check the rated voltage,rated current of each operating element is consistent with the actual situation.The trial-operation is carried out with the turning-off mode of the mechanism to check whether the indicators are correct.
  3,the circuit breaker can be erected by a single pole,or two pole erection.
  4,this column circuit breaker because of its special design structure to ensure that users in the use of long-term maintenance free.
  5.Users are not allowed to replace the electrical components that are inconsistent with the original model specifications.
  6.Operators should have a preliminary understanding of the performance,installation,adjustment and maintenance of the mechanism,and record the problems in operation.
  Appearance and mounting dimensions

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