China Established World's Largest Wind Power Industry in 10 Years

  Shi Pengfei,honorary director of the wind energy professional Committee of the China renewable energy society,said at the"2014 Shanghai international conference and exhibition on offshore wind power and wind power industry chain"forum held here on the 2nd that from 2003 to 2013,China had established the world's largest wind power industry.
  Shi Pengfei said that from 2003 to 2013,China's wind power industry experienced an explosive high-speed development,fell to a low point,and then turned into a tortuous development process of recovery.At the end of 2003,China's installed wind power capacity was only 500,000 kilowatts,ranking 10th in the world.By 2013,China's grid-connected capacity reached 77 million kilowatts and its hoisting capacity exceeded 90 million kilowatts,becoming the world's largest wind power country.
  "In ten years,China's wind power equipment manufacturers and wind farm developers have expanded from extensive quantity to the direction of improving quality and reducing costs,and entered a stage of stable,sustained and healthy growth,"Shi Pengfei said."The main driving forces for China's wind power development are to improve the power supply structure,increase clean energy generation,reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions,and cope with climate change."
  The Chinese government has promised to increase the proportion of non-petrochemical energy consumption to 11.4%by 2015,the proportion of non-petrochemical energy installed in power generation to 30%,and the proportion of non-petrochemical energy to primary energy consumption to 15%by 2020.These binding targets are the main basis for China to formulate other energy plans.According to Shi Pengfei,wind power has surpassed nuclear power as the third largest power source in China since 2012.China's installed wind power capacity will reach 400 million kilowatts in 2030 and 1 billion kilowatts in 2050,meeting 17%of the electricity demand.
  Wang Zhongying,director of China's National Renewable Energy Center,pointed out in his keynote speech at the forum that the sustainable development of China's economy and society is facing the constraints of resources and environment.The development space at the cost of destroying the environment no longer exists and energy transformation is imperative.Looking ahead,the key to the energy production and consumption revolution is the transformation of the power system.Vigorously developing renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar energy is one of the possible ways to realize a"beautiful China".

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