China's Offshore Wind Power Ranks in the Top Five in the World,Breakthrough in Project Construction

  Recently,"Shanghai 2014 International Offshore Wind Power and Wind Power Industry Chain Conference and Exhibition"was held in Shanghai.The 2014 China Wind Power Development Report released at the meeting showed that China's offshore wind power projects have made breakthrough progress in the past year.
  By the end of 2013,the reserves and distribution of offshore wind energy resources in China had been basically found out,and offshore wind power construction had started with production of about 390,000 kilowatts,ranking among the top five in the world.
  Offshore wind power has become the new frontier of global wind power development,and all countries in the world regard it as an important direction for the development and utilization of renewable energy.On the one hand,China's eastern coastal areas are economically developed,with strong demand for electricity,lack of conventional energy and high environmental protection requirements.On the other hand,the abundant offshore wind energy resources and good construction conditions can ease the shortage of energy supply,promote the development of offshore economy and equipment manufacturing,and improve the local ecological environment.Accelerating the construction of offshore wind power is also an inevitable requirement to ensure China's energy security,meet the sustainable supply of energy,and promote energy conservation and emission reduction.
  However,it should be noted that the problems in developing offshore wind power in China are also quite prominent.First of all,the basic work is relatively weak,the construction progress is slow,the evaluation of offshore wind energy resources has not been systematically carried out,and the marine hydrological survey and seabed geological exploration are weak.Secondly,unified management and coordination need to be strengthened.Offshore wind power development involves many fields.Different departments have different understandings.Relevant functional departments in different regions have different actual implementation management standards.The preliminary work cycle is long.Thirdly,the technical standard system needs to be further improved.Although some technical standards for preliminary work have been formulated,a complete standard system has not yet been formed,which is difficult to effectively guide the whole process of the project,and faces technical risks,cost control and other difficulties.
  Experts call on offshore wind power to strengthen the basic work and accelerate the preparatory work.China's offshore wind power is still in its early stage of development,and its technology,management and policies are still immature.It is necessary to do a good job in the construction of demonstration projects to foster and promote the healthy development of offshore wind power.After the power to approve wind power projects has been delegated to the local authorities,the state needs to give macro guidance and strengthen coordination in the use of the sea in the offshore wind power planning stage,and it is even more necessary to strengthen supervision during and after the construction and operation.
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