Differences and Connections between Pre-installed Substations and Combined Substations

  On the morning of the 4th,a mobilization meeting was held in Beijing for the start of the"two-way"UHV project.Liu Zhenya,chairman of the State Grid Corporation and party secretary,announced the formal start of the"Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai,Ximeng-Shandong,Ningdong-Zhejiang"UHV project.This is the first UHV project among the 12 key transmission channels in the national air pollution prevention and control action plan that has been approved and started construction first,marking a new stage of full-scale construction and accelerated development of UHV power grid.
  A total investment of 68.3 billion yuan has been invested in the"two-to-one"UHV project,with a total capacity of 43 million kVA(kilowatts)for new power transformation(commutation)and 4,740 kilometers of new transmission lines,all of which will be completed and put into operation in 2016.Among them,the Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai UHV AC project passes through three provinces(cities)of Anhui,Jiangsu and Shanghai,and three new substations of Nanjing,Taizhou and Suzhou will be built,and two substations of Huainan and Huxi will be expanded,with a transformer capacity of 12 million kVA,a new transmission line of 2×780 kilometers and a project investment of 26.8 billion yuan.The Ximeng-Shandong UHV AC project passes through four provinces(autonomous regions and municipalities)of Inner Mongolia,Hebei,Tianjin and Shandong.Three new substations of Ximeng,Beijing East and Jinan and Chengde series compensation station will be built,with a substation capacity of 15 million KVA,a new transmission line of 2×730 km and a project investment of 17.8 billion yuan.The Ningdong-Zhejiang UHVDC project passes through six provinces(autonomous regions)of Ningxia,Shaanxi,Shanxi,Henan,Anhui and Zhejiang,with two new converter stations in Ningdong and Shaoxing,with a converter capacity of 16 million kilowatts,a total line length of 1720 kilometers and a project investment of 23.7 billion yuan.The"two-to-one"UHV project is large in scale,innovative,long in front,tight in construction period and heavy in tasks.The State Grid Corporation will work closely with all levels of Party committees and governments along the project to ensure that it is fully completed and put into operation before the end of 2016.
  At present,the State Grid has built a total of"two-to-four-direct"UHV project.The length of UHV transmission lines under construction exceeds 15,000 kilometers,the transformation(commutation)capacity exceeds 160 million kVA(kilowatt),and the total power transmission exceeds 250 billion kilowatt-hours.During the flood season this year,the three UHVDC projects of Fufeng,Jinsu and Bingjin have maintained a total of 21.6 million kilowatts of full-power safe operation for a long time(equivalent to the full-power delivery of the Three Gorges Project),carrying more than 80%of Sichuan's hydropower delivery tasks and delivering 60 billion kilowatt-hours of clean hydropower in the southwest to East China on a large scale,accounting for about two-thirds of the electricity received outside East China.Relying on large power grids to develop new energy sources,the grid-connected installation of new energy sources in the national power grid exceeded 100 million kilowatts,including 77.99 million kilowatts of wind power and 18.35 million kilowatts of solar power generation.The national power grid has become a grid with large scale grid-connected wind power and fast growth of solar power generation in the world.UHV is playing an increasingly important role in optimizing energy allocation in a large scale and ensuring China's energy security,economy and clean development.
  At present,it has become a broad consensus among all parties to speed up the construction of ultra-high voltage power grid,give full play to the advantages of ultra-high voltage such as long distance,large capacity,low loss and less land occupation,build a"resource-saving,environment-friendly"society,and promote sustainable economic,social and environmental development.The provinces that export and import energy urgently need to speed up the construction of UHV power grid.From 2011 to 2014,deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference submitted 183 proposals and proposals on the development of ultra-high voltage.UHV has been incorporated into the national"11th Five-Year"and"12th Five-Year"plans,the"12th Five-Year"plan for energy development,and the air pollution prevention and control action plan.
  Leaders of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to UHV development.In May this year,the state decided to speed up the construction of 12 key power transmission channels in the air pollution prevention and control action plan,including the"four-to-four-direct"ultra-high voltage project,which requires the completion of all power transmission channels by 2017.The development of UHV power grid has become the strategic focus of national energy development and clean development.The State Grid Corporation has always resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to accelerate the development of UHV.UHV AC Test Demonstration Project Won National Science and Technology Progress Award and China Industry Award.UHV AC standard has become an international standard,realizing"China's Creation"and"China's Leading"and winning high attention from the international community.
  The development of UHV power grid is of great significance for ensuring China's energy security,promoting the adjustment of energy structure and improving the atmospheric environment.In 2017,after all the key transmission channels in the air pollution prevention and control action plan are completed and put into operation,the North China power grid will initially form an extra-high voltage AC grid,with an additional power receiving capacity of 32 million kilowatts in Beijing,Tianjin,Hebei and Shandong,and an extra-high voltage AC ring network in East China power grid,with an additional power receiving capacity of 35 million kilowatts in the Yangtze River Delta region,which can reduce coal consumption for power generation by 200 million tons,reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 960,000 tons,nitrogen oxides by 530,000 tons,and soot by 110,000 tons,thus effectively supporting energy conservation,emission reduction and air pollution control in the receiving areas
  The development of UHV power grid plays an important role in stimulating domestic demand and economic growth,promoting the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry,promoting the coordinated development between the east and west,and promoting employment.According to investment estimates,the total investment for key power transmission channels in the air pollution prevention and control action plan will reach about 200 billion yuan,increasing the output value of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry by 90 billion yuan,and directly driving the investment for power supply by about 500 billion yuan.Every year,it will increase GDP by 64 billion yuan,increase taxes by 12 billion yuan,and create 140,000 new jobs.
  To change the way of energy development,promote the energy revolution and fundamentally solve the smog problem,it is necessary to break the routine and further accelerate the construction of ultra-high voltage power grid.On the basis of the 12 key transmission channels in the national air pollution prevention and control action plan,a batch of ultra-high voltage AC/DC projects will be built to form a new energy configuration pattern of"west to east power transmission,north to south power supply","water and fire to complement each other,and scenery to complement each other",so as to realize"electricity to replace coal,electricity to replace oil,electricity to come from afar and clean electricity to provide safer,more economical,cleaner and sustainable power supply for economic and social development.
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