The first substation designed by CLP to be combined with non-civil buildings was put into operation.

  Recently,Jimo Substation(including 110kV ship substation),the first multi-voltage 220kV substation designed by China Electric Power Construction Group Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute Co.,Ltd.and combined with non-resident buildings,was successfully put into operation.
  Jimo Substation has a prospective scale of 3 240MVA main transformers with a voltage level of 220/110/35kV,and adopts oil circulation split water cooling technology.The prospective scale of the ship substation is 3 40MVA main transformers with 110/10kV voltage level.Two 240MVA main transformers and three 40MVA main transformers will be installed in this period.
  The substation is arranged underground(from the first floor to the third floor),with an underground construction area of 13,816㎡.The above-ground building is the operation and management center of Shanghai Electric Power Company(four floors in total),with a floor area of 12000㎡.Jimo substation is a large underground substation,located in Lujiazui financial center area of Shanghai,and is an important base to realize Shanghai's development goal-financial center and shipping center.The reliability of power supply in this area is demanding,the construction is difficult and the time is tight.The designers of Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute have completed and put into operation the underground substation within 2 years after the construction,with careful design and star-rated service,in cooperation with the owner and the service construction.
  Because 220kV Jimo Substation and 110kV Shipbuilding Substation are structurally integrated due to the limited occupied area of the station area,all professional designs are considered in a unified way,and the substation is completely isolated from the above-ground buildings in space.The large scale and complex structure of substation construction also put forward higher requirements for the designers of Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute.The substation is 21.5m deep underground,and the technical conditions of geotechnical engineering are especially complicated.At the same time,considering that there are residents and commercial offices in the surrounding area,various measures have also been taken to reduce the noise of the substation,such as:the reactor room adopts special damping pads,and the main transformer room and exhaust fan room are equipped with sound-absorbing materials.Professional designers of Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute cooperated with each other to go deep into the construction site and solve various problems encountered on the site in time.Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute has started star-rated agency service,sending a designer to the site as a long-term agency responsible for coordinating and collecting all kinds of problems encountered on the site,and giving timely feedback to the head office and all designers to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
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