Return for repair
  Customers can contact our company's after-sales service,under his guidance,fill in the repair and replacement application form,and send the faulty products to our company's electrical maintenance center,and the electrical engineers will repair the faulty products and send them back to the customers.
  field service
  For on-site service,Zhengzhou West Electric's service engineer will contact the customer as soon as possible and send a service engineer close to you to troubleshoot and provide free service.If the product that the customer requires to be repaired is tested to be free of faults,Zhengzhou West Power will charge the customer the corresponding after-sales service fee according to the charging standard.
  Our commitment
  If the products you buy are within the warranty period,Zhengzhou West Electric Company promises to provide free professional maintenance or on-site service to the faulty products within the scope of Zhengzhou West Electric Company's responsibility.
  Our technical support is available 24 hours a day-7 days a week.
  After receiving the service application,the service engineer will communicate with the customer by telephone within 2 hours.In case of emergency,it is guaranteed to arrive at the site within 3 hours in Zhengzhou city and its neighboring areas,24 hours in other parts of the country,and 48 hours in areas with long journey and blocked traffic.For the inspection and maintenance of product return and replacement,Zhengzhou Xidian promised to complete the preliminary inspection within 2 working days.In case of emergency,we can send the replacement products to you before receiving the defective products.
  Our after-sales service hotline:0371-67755577

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